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Hyppe Max Air – A Long Lasting Combo Pack of Energy and Flavor

It can be challenging to obtain all you desire from a single vaporizer. You must forgo a feature you adore in favor of one you like. The majority of the time, you have to give up flavor capacity when the battery capacity is big. The Hyppe Max Air Disposable vape, on the other hand, is what you secretly want if you want a vape that has all the attributes you urgently want in a vape: performance, flavor capacity, ergonomics, cloud creation, and durability.

A Smart, Simple & Easy to Access Device you must have 

The Hyppe Max Air is a smart device that has been creatively created to provide you a solid, user-friendly, and sturdy device.

Drawing is quite effortless with this disposable’s thin duck mouthpiece. Unlike other devices where you have to tilt the device when taking a draw, the Hyppe Max combines cutting-edge technological design to deliver a potent mouth-to-lung experience. 

The Hyppe Max Air 5000 is also small and equipped with LED technology that illuminates with each pull. This informs you if the vape device is operating as intended and when the battery needs to be recharged using a Type-C charger. The Hyppe Max Air also features auto-draw technology, so all you need to do to start vaping is open the box and take a deep inhale. 

The features of Hyppe Max Air: 

  • The Hyppe Max Air features the performance characteristic that leaves all other vape devices lagging in its wake and is made to convert you into a fire-breather. 
  • A 13ml electric juice tank and a 650mAh battery power the Hyppe Max Air. 
  • The Hyppe Max Air has a puff count of 5000+, unlike most vape pens, which have enormous battery capacities and have a short lifespan. 
  • That equates to 100 nonstop days of vaping. 
  • The Hyppe Max Air also includes a potent mesh coil to guarantee that you get the greatest MTL experience possible. 
  • This implies that, in contrast to conventional vape devices where you lose some of your e-potency juice’s with each draw, the power behind every draw with salt nicotine is multiplied and is strong enough to subdue an elephant. 
  • The fact that your vape gadget never runs out of battery means that you will never lose your preferred e-juice flavour. 
  • You will be able to consume all of your preferred liquid juice instead.

What’s More? 

Without the appropriate flavor profiles, a device is incomplete. And the Hyppe Max Air is no slouch in that regard. You may be certain of sweet, energizing, and enduring e-juice delight with 10+ varieties that carry the proper PG/VG ratio. The Hyppe Max Air provides whatever your palate desires. from sweet and minty to even enigmatic. You can never get enough of or get bored with your flavor choice with the Hyppe Max Air.

The Hyppe Max Air also includes a lanyard. The vaping industry’s first of its sort. Therefore, this disposable vape ticks all of your boxes and provides even more than you expected.

The Amazing Flavors of Hyppe Max Air 5000 Flavor 

  • Black Sakura – The Hyppe Max has got your taste buds covered no matter what flavors you prefer, whether fruity flavors or you adore the cold feel of every draw. 
  • Lush Freeze – Enjoy times of refreshing with this well-balanced e-flavor, Black Sakura. This vape juice, which won awards, is produced by Hyype Max Air and is certain to fill your body with a delicious sensation.
  • Caramel Ice Cream – Ice fans will enjoy the mango freeze, which gives their tongues a sweet explosion and a shiver up their spines. Complete vaping that provides a satisfying conclusion. 
  • Mango Freeze: For ice enthusiasts, the mango freeze gives your tongue a delightful explosion and sends a shiver down your spine. Complete vaping that results in your happiness. 
  • Mighty Mint Naked – This flavor will blast your stomach with minty ice while drenching your taste buds with refreshing mint. You’ve chosen the best juice if you’re seeking for something to start your weekend with. 
  • Sour Peach – The e-juice “Sour Peach” combines the flavors of sweet and sour with explosive sweetness. With this e-juice, you can never make a mistake or have a boring moment. 

For more information, you can also visit our website and order this goodness filled Hyppe Max Air


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